Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Precious Creator and delicate life

           Two weeks ago I took my daughter Claire for a ballet class and waited outside with my Angelo when I read a poster on a jeep that read “I AM AN ATHEIST”. I knew it belonged to a ballet teacher and it brought a wave of thoughts of how in this amazing world with all the wonders that man did not create including himself could one be an atheist. In today’s society it’s sad that one has to prove one’s faith. I looked back at my own life and the many times GOD touched me and others around me. The real issue what plagues the society of today is the fact that we are not brought up knowing GOD when we are very young. And then as we grow up, we will never get it unless He is deeply embedded within us. Today’s world has so many distractions for all ages that I am well assured there is no space for GOD. And those who propagate evil advocating it as GOD’s commandment denigrate it further. This goes beyond and beneath all religions. 

        Let me give some illustrations. After about 19 yrs, there was a verdict in the Uphaar fire tragedy and the guilty were let loose. A mother who lost two kids in that tragedy said that she lost faith for the second time, this time in judiciary. She had lost faith in GOD when the tragedy struck. The paradox was apparent. How was the fragility of life, GOD’ fault? Don’t many of us hold Him for ransom everyday in our prayers and give Him our wish lists. What if He doesn’t oblige?
      A beautiful scene enacted before us this summer that brought me face to face with the fascinating yet fragile life. It was the first day of summer holidays for Claire and I took both her and Noah to the beach very early. Not many were at the beach and the waters were still. We had no plan apart from a walk on the beach. As we walked along the banks there lay a crab shell and I answered Claire’s many questions saying that crab were sea gull’s food. She immediately prayed for that crab’ soul and we moved on. As we entered water, I pointed to a sea gull flying in and we saw it pick a live crab from the sea and feast on it. Again Claire prayed and I was feeling nervous of what my kids were watching and learning. Just then, we saw a crab leave the waters and walk onto the shore and as we were anticipating a sea gull grab it, something dramatic happened. The crab realized danger, withdrew quickly back onto the sea and embedded itself into sand and kept only its claws out. I just realized that what I thought was a bed of stones and sand was actually tons and tons of live shells and life including crabs. This little episode not only showed the fragility of life, but the beauty of God's creation simply around us. It just needs us to be there to spend some time to be mesmerized. 
        I believe in evolution, but I am not adamant to believe that life so complex, so tender, so majestic yet so vulnerable is not a blessing from God. The only reason I see in why people are so adamant is because at some level we humans want to believe that we can create everything from scratch and modify however we want and yet be selfish enough not to give any credit to others. Yes, I believe human brain is capable of amazing deeds and because of GOD’s creation. I hope we can teach ourselves and our children to co-exist with faith and science instead of constant conflicts because that will only result in wasting precious time looking around at wonder in peace.